New Year’s Eve

What is like to welcome 2018 in Kendwa!

New Year’s Eve in Zanzibar means parties, musical performances, fireworks and night-long revelry.

Okay, “like everywhere else in the world” you’d say. Now add some acrobatic shows, fire eaters, the beach, hundreds of backpackers from all over the world, a crowded beach bar and 31 degrees… and suddenly your scenario changes, isn’t it?

The main party scene of Zanzibar is the Kendwa Rocks, a resort particularly popular among younger backpackers who enjoy the party vibe.

How to get to Kendwa

Kendwa is located 1 hour drive north of Stone Town and Zanzibar Airport. You can either:

  • take a taxi (around $50-65 one way)
  • take number 116 daladala (local smal buses)


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