places and experiences I want to live

Bucket list


  • Scuba diving the first European Underwater Museum in Lanzarote
  • Eat a meal cooked with earth heat in Timanfaya National Park
  • Make my head spinning when looking down the initiation walls in Sintra, Portugal
  • Feed the giant turtles in Prison Island, Zanzibar
  • pretend to be Lara Croft in TaProhm temple in Cambodia
  • dancing at the Sambodromo in Rio (dressed like "banana ciquiita")
  • Get on the highest swing in Europe, in Amsterdam
  • shake hands with a robot in Tokyo
  • sleeping in a tent at Surin island, Thailand
  • Drive on the Overseas Highway ( U.S. Route 1) down to Key West in Florida
  • Watch the muppets movie in an outdoor cinema on a rooftop in New York
  • Pass by the Marilyn Monroe Towers in Toronto, Canada
  • Feeling like a student strolling around MIT building designed by Frank Gehry in Boston
  • Swim with catfishes in IK Kil, Mexico's oldest cenote
  • Soak in an outdoor spa in Budapest (in winter!)
  • Take a pic of every texture of the Alhambra in Granada
  • Paddle in Seville (like a real Venetian)
  • Admire the Tivoli lights in Copenhagen
  • Get lost in the Pat Phong madness in Bangkok
  • Visit the Guinness factory in Dublin
  • Get mad about Vasa ship in Stockholm
  • Enter a cubic house in Rotterdam
  • Walking among the stalactites of the “Cueva del Drach” in Mallorca
  • Going up and down the streets of Lisbon



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