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Palermo: let’s go tech

Do you want to boost your Sicilian escape? Here is a list of mobile apps you should not miss before visiting Palermo.  

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Botanist for 2 hours!

The tour of Zanzibar would be incomplete without the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices.

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I want to break free…

Prison Island is a small island off Stone Town  with a dark past. Today is the home of the cutes Giant Aldabra Turtles.

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Shopping in the city

Stroll around local artisans’ shops, hidden art galleries and stilish design gems. No worries: Stone Town has it all!

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Beers & co

Although Tanzania is a Muslim country you can find some good beers indeed.

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Freddie who?

Welcome to Stonetown! If you expect some Queens memorabilia you will be disappointed. 

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Heading to paradise

We knew that Mnemba Atoll was a must have: it’s one of the best diving spot in Zanzibar.

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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Zanzibar means parties, musical performances, fireworks and night-long revelry.

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Packing for a trip

We all know it can really be a nightmare. You just need the right tools!

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