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Tatacoa desert: not a real one!

The name is misleading but, you know, Colombians like to play.

The Tatacoa Desert is located on the eastern margin of the Magdalena River, traveling an approximate distance of 38 km from Neiva on the the road “Neiva – Villavieja – Desierto de la Tatacoa”. Be ready for a weird desert landscape with striking eroded cliffs, including a grey rocky area as well as a vast red earth area which resembles Mars.

You can make several walks and I’ll suggest to have a look at Wikiloc website to discover different trails in this area.

I’ve selected the most interesting two, one for those who have a full day to spend there and one short easy hike for a touch-and-go experience. Several posadas (hotel) in the desert hire out horses or rent bicycles and motorcycles.

Due to its position and low light pollution, the Tatacoa desert is a great stargazing spot and it’s considered to be the best in Colombia. Check the Observatorio Astronomico de la Tatacoa for more info and to be updated on the night events.


Choose this route if you have some time to enjoy both areas of the Tatacoa (gray and red part)
including an 8km bike ride and a session of stargazing at the observatory! 


This walk allows you to know the surroundings of the “Cuzco” site.
If it is done between 10 am and 3 pm, despite being a short and easy route, will be very very hot.

Don’t forget to download your stargazing app not to miss any constellation with the help of augmented reality.

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